Meet Some of the Arubmec Boys
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BISS AM GCHS/CAN GCH Arubmec's Take A Chance On Me
Pedigree                Chance's OFA Link
DC Arubmec's Hi-Jacked, SC
Pedigree                Jackson's OFA Link
GCH Arubmec's Thriller
Pedigree                Mikey's OFA Link
MBIS/MBISS Ch Arubmec's Sweet Spot
Pedigree                Spotti's OFA Link
BISS Ch Arubmec's Crocodile Rock,JC
Pedigree                Rocki's OFA Link
BISS AM/BISS CAN GCH Ch 'Tis-a Arubmec Circle Of Life
Pedigree                Jimi's OFA Link
BIS MBISS Arubmec's The Victor
  Pedigree                 Victor's OFA Link
    Arubmec's Foundation Sire            
Ch Arubmec's Pin Ball Wizard
Pedigree               Tommi's OFA Link
AM/CAN Ch Arubmec's Overdrive To My-Tym
Pedigree               Turbo's OFA Link
DC Arubmec's Encore SC
Pedigree               Cori's OFA Link
Ch Arubmec's Teddy
Pedigree              Teddy's OFA Link
Hong Kong Ch Arubmec's Majestic Marauder
GCH Arubmec's Fair Play
Ch Arubmec's End Product
Pedigree          Ender's OFA Link
Ch Arubmec's Two Punch